New Kate 4 Piece Ensemble



newkatedressEmail Bea for pricing:)


New From Bea Diana’s black and Red Cocktail dress


Diana’s Coat of Many Colors by Bea

This coat is a master piece each ribbon is pulled through the fabric. Beautiful!

Email Bea for price and availabilty.


Bea ‘s replica of Kate’s Temperly dress

Email Bea For Price

Email Bea For Price

2 New outfits For Kate and Diana


newyellowEmail Bea for prices:)


Whats new From Bea!

This is a new gallery style to display the photos I hope you all like it.
If you are interested in any of the outfits shown please email Bea for prices.

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Diana Photo Shoot Red Slinky Dress& lot 40

Bea’s latest for Diana.

Kate’s St Andrews Suit

Kate’s Southeast Tour Collection

Bea has been working hard to bring us Kate’s latet outfits From the southeast  tour. More photo coming this weekend.


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Announcing the Olympic Collection

Bea has been hard at work on the Olympic Collection   even copied a pair of Kate’s Shoes.  You can order the whole collection or just the outfits you want to add to your dolls wardrobe.

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